Voices From The Field

Mana Muse Ronow, 30, is a mother of a 3 year old girl. Two years ago Mana was displaced from Sherey villages in Wanalawyn district, Lower Shabelle region. Mana currently lives Eylayasha IDP settlement in Zone K, Hodon District, (Mogadishu). In the same district Bani'Adam implemented a WASH project providing one borehole that supplies 35 water points. Latrines were constructed too.

Voices fom the field

Mana Muse Ronow, 30
Location: Eylayasha IDP settlement in Zone K.
Photo: Sid Ali, Bani'Adam Organization

She tells us:

  "At the first time when we arrived here, there was no water and latrines. We had to go for water near our settlement around 1KM away, and yet the water was paid for. We paid Sh. So. 2000 to get one 20Ltr jerry can of water and this was too costly for us because we have no sources of income. We depend on begging as the only means of income generation and sometimes we clean clothes for the people and they pay us, but you cannot get that opportunity everyday".

Asked about the improvements in the last period, she said:

  "Now, thanks to Bani'Adam, we have free clean water inside our settlement and I can collect water at any time. I get plenty of water for cooking and cleaning"

But this is just the first step to give support and dignity to IDPs like Mana in Eylayasha in Zone K. It is still missing food aid, schooling for children and primary health clinic. Bani'Adam is making an effort to match these needs.

Updated: 28.02.2013

Voices fom the field

Amina Mohamed Muse, 40
Location: IDP settlements in Bondhere district, Mogadishu.
Photo: Sid Ali, Bani'Adam Organization

Amina Mohamed Muse 40, is a mother of 5 children. She lives in ex-interim ministry IDP settlements in Bondhere district, Mogadishu. In August 2011 she fled from Balcad Middle Shabelle region after a severe droughts hit the area.

Asked about the situation when they arrived in Bondhere district, Amina replied:

  "I used to pay So. Sh. 4,000 for 40 litres of water. Even if you have the money, you have to walk for about 1500M and then you bring back the water carrying it on your back. I have been having a prolonged pain in my back; I cannot clean clothes for the people. My children need food and they haven’t other people to feed them. For all these reasons I beg. Our children were defecating in open areas around our settlements. It was really a very poor sanitation condition".

She added:

  "I thank Bani'Adam, they installed safe drinking free water inside our settlements. I walk only 10 metres to fetch water now. Sometimes, I even ask my neighbours to get me water and they do so because the kiosk is very close to my house" Amina says, "Water means everything for us. We now have access to latrines near our doorsteps and I feel our dignity is protected. I thank God for that! The situation is better now but we are still far away from a normal life. We need shelters, food, health assistance, the opportunity to get a job and a school for our children"

Updated: 28.02.2013

Voices fom the field

Madina Mohamoud, 55
Location: Liban IDP settlement.
Photo: Sid Ali, Bani'Adam Organization

Madina Mohamoud Jim'ale is a 55 years old a mother of 5 children. A resident of Liban IDP settlement in Bondhere district Mogadishu Somalia. A year and half ago Madina together with some of her neighbors were displaced from Deganley village of Bal'ad district, Middle Shabelle region as a result of the ongoing conflict. She says

  "When we came here we used to buy a jerry can of water at 1,500sh to share with the entire household for cooking, cleaning and drinking. We would queue for hours to buy water from vendors. We found it too expensive since we had no reliable source of income. But since Bani'Adam started the water supply project, we get water absolutely free anytime we want"

Asked about sanitation situation she had this to say,

  "We currently access latrines a few steps away from our doorsteps, women feel safer and their dignity has been enhanced initially the situation was pathetic, people used to defecate in the open fields; others dug small pits inside the IDP. At night women usually feared going out to the unprotected makeshift latrines. We give thanks to Allah for bringing help to us through Bani’Adam Relief and Development Organization"

Updated: 22.02.2013

Voices fom the field

Khadija Mohamed 32
Location: Nasiib IDP settlement.
Photo: Sid Ali, Bani’Adam Organization

Khadija Mohamed Hassan, 32 year old and mother of seven children, lives in Nasiib settlement in Bondhere District of Mogadishu. She fled one year and six months before from lanta Buure in Lower Shabelle.

  "I came to Mogadishu because of the droughts and famine. I lost my livestock and then I fled to Mogadishu seeking life saving support". Khadija says. "Once here the situation was still hard for us. Children were defecating in an open area, we didn’t have enough water, we were walking half km for water collection. I felt ashamed about our lives."

Asked about the saving support she found in the district she says:

  "Now, thank God, we have water and sanitation facilities and we were trained for hygiene promotion. We have better lives but we still believe that there is some gaps especially the latrines are not enough. We need urgently to access food, items and tools and dignity kits."

Voices from the field    Voices from the field

Updated: 22.02.2013