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We’ve funded community water projects since 1991 for communities in Somalia.

Bani’Adam Relief & Development Organization is a regional Non- Governmental organization with roots in Somalia founded immediately after the collapse of the Government in 1991 by a group of Somalia intellectuals and philanthropists. The objective of the organization was to respond to numerous humanitarian challenges as a result of the civil war and frequent natural disasters like drought and floods which lead to lack of basic services and great human suffering. Bani’Adam has grown to become one of the leading actors in responding to humanitarian emergencies in Somalia. Since its formation, Bani’Adam has dedicated her efforts and resources to support lives of the most vulnerable communities in Somalia by providing essential basic services and advocating for the protection of their rights. Bani’Adam has grown from a humble agency targeting one district to the current coverage of five regions in the South Central – Banadir, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle, Mudug and Galgaduud. From 1991, Bani’Adam working closely with other development partners has implemented programs in WASH, Agriculture and livelihoods, peace building, conflict resolution, education and community capacity building.

Bani’Adam boasts a long list of successfully completed and running programs through support of various partners since 1991. This success is attributed to the organization’s known culture of establishing, developing and nurturing lasting relationships and partnerships with beneficiaries, community leaders, local authorities, international aid agencies and other stakeholders all aiming at delivering relevant, timely and effective humanitarian programs. Bani’Adam, is acceptable in all the five regions and can intervene anywhere in Somalia, our staff combination is diverse and are drawn from all the regions and communities we work in. This has enabled Bani’Adam to play an important role in the successful delivery of service. The founders of the organization are driven by a sincere desire to dedicate their time and effort towards the delivery of lifesaving humanitarian assistance to members of the most vulnerable communities trapped in the crisis in Somalia through the provision of basic but essential lifesaving services, advocacy for the protection of their human rights, promotion of peace, conflict resolution and democratic governance and community capacity building.

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We envision a world where those who are poor and marginalized exercise their capacities, build their own lives and take charge of their future. We welcome donations to those who would like to be part of this vision.
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We’ve funded different charity projects for
the people people of Somalia since the year 1991.

We proactively engage communities and donors to support and participate in service delivery to the beneficiaries we serve.

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